Your Dentist in Ocala Wants to Help You Lose Weight!

January 26, 2018

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woman smiling happyDid you know that having good oral health can help your overall body feel better? So much so that you can actually lose weight? Your dentist in Ocala is here to help you reach your new body and smile goals with this week’s blog post regarding losing those extra pounds and improving oral health all at the same time.

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy Will Keep the Body Healthy

Start with Your Dental Hygiene

Past studies have shown a correlation between obesity and gum disease. This is because the inflammation from gum disease causes stress in the body, causing problems with the metabolic system as well as the circulatory system. Ultimately, these problems can also cause you problems when you try to lose weight. By having a healthy mouth and strong gums, you can continue your weight loss journey without any interruptions.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Your mouth is affected by what you eat and drink. Plus, your diet as a direct effect on your weight. A vital part practicing good oral hygiene is removing from your diet foods that can directly lead to tooth decay. Some diet foods contain high levels of sugar substitutes that can be acidic. To cut your weight fast, you should eliminate sugars, breads, pastas, or any drinks that aren’t water. You’ll reduce bad bacteria and acid from attacking the enamel of your teeth.

Extra Helpful Tips for Weight Loss

By now we’ve talked about how your dental hygiene and diet can affect your weight loss journey. But these tips will directly help you drop those pesky pounds. Follow these tips:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables each day. Crunchy natural foods like carrots or celery can help you to keep your mouth clean by producing saliva in your mouth. Plus, they have vital nutrients and vitamins to boost your metabolism.
  • Don’t snack, instead chew sugar-free gum.  When you have food cravings, try chewing sugar-free gum for a safe alternative. You’ll cut calories, keep your breath fresh, and also produce natural saliva.
  • Choose healthier snacks when it is time to eat. Although you’ve probably heard that these foods are packed with calories, they’re also loaded with nutrients for teeth. Just be sure to eat the right amounts at the correct times of day to boost your oral health and eat snacks that are better for you.

Now that you know how your oral health can directly affect your overall body, it’s time for start taking care of your teeth and gums. Your dental health effects your whole body and its metabolism, so you can improve both now. If you need help, feel free reaching out to a local dentist.

About Our Office

Here at Weldon General and Family Dentistry, we know how important it is to care about your smile because it effects everything. That’s why we don’t stop at preventive smile care. If you need advice about how your dental health plays into your overall health, don’t hesitate to ask. In fact, feel free to give us a call!


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